Let’s get this straight – I am not one to make spontaneous plans.

I am the kind of person to make plans months in advance, with plenty of research and deep thought about it.

And what have I decided to gift my lovely other half for putting up with me for a year? A spontaneous night in Liverpool. I honestly don’t know what I was thinking. Me? Spontaneous 3 hour trip for an overnight stay?


But that’s the plan – with a few weeks notice, we’re off exploring the north a bit. Now I’ve done Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, but I am very much looking forward to Liverpool for many reasons:

  • I’ve never been and neither has he – so we both get to explore somewhere new!
  • I hear they have some great speakeasys – which we both love 👀
  • There’s plenty to do and apparently it has a great buzz!

Plus, it’ll be an adventure for us both! So that’s always a plus right? But someone – anyone – pleaaase suggest what you think is worth the trip! I’ll be trying to squeeze in as much as possible over the time we’re there and want to make the most of our trip!

Looking forward to writing about the trip more than anything now 🙊


Francesca xo