Rhodes Diaries πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

So I’m still trying to hold onto summer so badly – as much as I loooove autumn and all things that come with, I don’t feel like this summer has given it’s all just yet…

So in order to try and re-live summer for just one more day, here’s a little recap of my recent trip to Rhodes πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·

girl, waves, bikini, ocean, pink, long hair
Sunning on the boat!

We travelled to the Lindos Imperial (which is located near Kiotari) and spent a beaut week at the hotel and beach. The resort itself was amazing – like honestly I could see myself going back next year πŸ‘€ There was so many pools to choose from and going out of school holidays meant it was nice and chilled!

The resort was located close to the beach, but fairly isolated – which was kinda nice (there was still ways to explore the island, but tbh I was READY for a week of relaxing… see my recent post stresshead). We explored 3 of the 4 outdoor pools – mostly the main pool and activity pool, because hey – there was water slides and I’m a little kid at heart πŸ˜…

However, despite reading 3 books, sliding into the pools and drinking a lot of cocktails – we did escape the resort a few times!

book, suntan, soltan, suncream, holiday, T M Logan
The Holiday by T M Logan

We joined Lepia Dive Centre for a scuba session in San Paulos Bay, just a bit round the island from where we were based. I had neeeever scuba dived before and I won’t lie, I was just a tiny bit terrified that I wouldn’t be able to do it. Don’t get me wrong, I love being in the water – I was just never very good at sinking to the bottom of the pool as a kid.

The guys at the dive centre were A-MAZ-ING. It was a detailed lesson in scuba above water and they were really helpful in the water too – I was pumped when I finally got the hang of it and was able to inflate and deflate my BCD on my own without crashing into the ocean floor πŸ˜‚ I passed the test and intial dive, meaning that we could go out for a second dive into some coves just outside of the bay, but unfortunately my ears were not agreeing with me after having some difficulty equalising one of them. So I sent my other half into the ocean to enjoy a second dive (bad choice – he’s now decided for it to be his new hobby… πŸ˜‚)

scuba diving, san paulos bay, greece, rhodes, couple, bikini, scuba
Chilling in San Paulos Bay

If you are in Rhodes and do fancy a bit of scuba, I really recommend these guys – they were fun, helpful and super informative. Plus everything felt safe which was majorly important for me!

Our second trip out was to Rhodes itself, to explore the history and do a lil sightseeing. We walked up to the Acropolis and took in the incredible view (we very luckily managed to stop a taxi for the way down!). I always like to do something a little different if possible and wanted to explore the ruins after someone recommended it in the comments of a previous post πŸ₯°

We then headed into Old Town, Rhodes – yes I did joke about the song Old Town Road a lot… – to explore a bit more of the city and pick up a few souvenirs and possibly my bodyweight in ice cream….

ice cream, dessert, cone, waffle, old town, rhodes, greece
Ice Cream

The area was rich with history and views were incredible everywhere you looked. We walked all around the dock and through all the winding streets, stopping for a few ice creams and the biggest fruit smoothie I could imagine (I gave myself brainfreeze 3 or 4 times, drinking something the size of my head πŸ‘€) before heading back on the boat to get back to the hotel!

windmill, old town, rhodes, greece, history
History of Rhodes

The trip in its entirety was super fun and super relaxing – already possibly looking at going back for next time…