I’ve always been one for planning things 6 months in advance. Take one look at my filofax and you are sure to find something booked in.

But there’s nothing more fun than planning adventures and seeing what there is to look forward to. I’ve already planned my main summer getaway and a trip to Amsterdam for my parents.

I’ll be popping off to Kiotari, Greece next year and I cannot bloody wait. Unbeknownst to my other half, I’ve already started exploring options of fun things to do – because as much as I like relaxing on a beach, I also like to explore the location.

However – I also know that the minute he notices a jet ski – he’ll be on it like a car bonnet! I’m hoping i’ll be able to convince him to scuba dive and poooossibly leave the resort (fingers crossed 🤞🏼)

If you’ve ever been to Kiotari – hit me up with any suggestions you have. That or any recommendations for things to do on the Greek island!

Francesca xo