48 hours in Edinburgh

48 hours to see as much of Edinburgh as possible… 

It was a challenge, trust me – but what a beautiful place. I dragged my other half for a Christmas visit, to end the year with a bit of fun. In 48 hours we managed quite a bit – but *spoiler* – it just wasn’t long enough to see it all..

We stayed just outside the city centre in the nicest lil airbnb and it was perfect for us two. Links to local busses and able to walk to local shops in order to make a proper breakfast.

Day one consisted mainly of a hike/walk/climb up Arthur’s Seat – I say climb as I’m pretty sure we chose the least used path ever to get to the top… but hey – the view was definitely worth it!

Top of Arthur’s Seat!

After the hike up, I managed to find the more family friendly route down – but also proceeded to get very lost, very quickly…

Luckily (thanks to the bus app) we figured our way back home in order to get ready for a night out on the town. We treated ourselves to a BEAUT dinner at The Ivy on The Square – they have a lush little set menu, which I would highly recommend!

We then hit up 2 speakeasies – Bryant & Mack, then Panda & Sons. Both were unique in their own ways – B&M being a much more relaxed atmosphere with a personal service, whilst P&S offered a larger range of drinks and was super lively!

Day two – I managed to sneak a visit in to Edinburgh Zoo – slight warning, the entire place is on a massive hill, so be prepared! We took part in the penguin parade and managed to catch a view of the Giant Panda at the zoo too!

Giant Panda (Taken on iPhone 6s)

We then ventured back into town, making the most of the Christmas markets – I booked tickets for the Ferris Wheel and the Christmas Tree Maze (which was so much fun) and of course at all the incredible food that was available. Think halloumi fries, mac & cheese, bratwurst hotdog and baileys hot chocolates…

Edinburgh Christmas Market (Taken on iPhone 6s)

This wrapped up our lil trip – but you best believe I’m planning on going back already, as I don’t think 48 hours do this wonderful place justice.

Francesca xo