Is it worth it?

I’m back for another – is it worth it?

This time I tested out the new ’16 Wishes’ range from Florence by Mills (a.k.a Millie Bobby Brown – world class young’un who is making her way into anything and everything). I managed to get my hands on the eyeshadow palette and the clear lip gloss, created some looks and had a real deep-dive of this collection 👀

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So these are the five key points we’re gonna look over:

• Packaging – how’s it lookin?

• Ease of use – instructions are clear? Easy for you to use?

• Price point – is it worth it?

• Would I buy again?

So, let’s dive right in!



Packaging – how’s it lookin?

I won’t lie – I’m a little bit obsessed with this packaging! It’s super cute colour scheme and the brushed cardboard feels so good! Plus, it’s recyclable which I’m a fan of. However, the palette itself is sadly not up to scratch…

I love the innovative idea of the magnetic break apart palette, splitting into colour schemes – but as someone who likes to hold the entire palette whilst they create their look, it was a hassle as the palette kept falling apart in my hands and the fallout from the eyeshadows ended up all over my black clothes… not so fun and not so useful.

With the fallout, the palette itself ended up looking very messy, very quickly. Which is a shame for its price point of around £25.

Now the lipgloss – the packaging again, super cute and colourful, and again a huge fan of the recyclable packaging. The tube was very standard of lipglosses, and therefore can’t differentiate too much.



Ease of use – instructions are clear? Easy for you to use?

So the palette was split into colour options, which is nice – makes it easier to create specific looks and stick to colour schemes rather than dipping through all the colours and perhaps creating something which doesn’t quite work.

But on closer look at the eyeshadows themselves, there is some issues that I found. There is fallout the second you start using them, some shades appear to be really delicate in comparison and this is before I even put any on my lids.

When creating a very basic nude look, I found that by the time I came to blending the colours I ended up having to over-compensate on shadows… So from what I thought would end up as a nice everyday look, turned into a very heavy night-time look… Not great at all, but I just could not for the LIFE of me get these shadows to work.

Side note – I did try this palette on both a concealer and urban decay eyeshadow primer…

The lipgloss is super glittery – like I wouldn’t apply this liberally, just a quick dab and then spread that across my lips… but it is great for jazzing up my lipstick for a date night. One slight thing – the packaging clearly states that it is not sticky, but it is indeed very sticky (which is the usual for most glosses). Just don’t claim it is not sticky, when it obviously will be 🙈

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The 16 wishes and shades of the palette



Price Point – is it worth it?

I so wish I could say these products were worth the price point… I really wish I could.

But in comparison to other palettes I’ve bought and used across the years, this just does not cut the mustard. It’s colour range is a little meh, the consistency of the palette is not 100% perfect and this palette is just not for me.

The gloss, again, not something I’d really reach for. It’s a nice gloss and it’s pretty pigmented in the glitter department – but not something I’d really splurge out on.

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Would I buy again?

Based on how these products worked for me, I wouldn’t buy these again 🤯

I have however, gifted these to my beaut mumma, in hope that she can get more use out of them!

Francesca xo

*disclaimer: as part of the Boots Review Panel, I was sent this product for free to review. I have not been paid to review this item and the thoughts and views above are my own.