We’re off to the zoo 🐘

Long time no post πŸ‘€

I may have been celebrating quite hard as I’m a whole 365 days older and closer to mid-twenties than early twenties! I’ve been spoilt rotten by my other half, my friends and I am so incredibly lucky to have all of them in my life.

But this is about a wonderful gift that my other half organised – a trip to Colchester Zoo to see the elephants! Now you may not be aware, but I am a firm lover of elephants, and even have a small elephant tattoo (I may be planning another, larger one… sorry mumma!)

The zoo itself is really easy to get around, well signposted and has plenty of hands on experiences that are free for visitors to take part in, including feeding lorikeets, pigmy goats, giraffes and ELEPHANTS!!!!

Omg, be still my beating heart.

I think it’s fantastic that Colchester Zoo offer these opportunities at no extra cost. Some zoo experiences can be seriously expensive and this allows everyone to have the same opportunity.

The zoo itself has huge enclosures and lots of space for their animals, who looked super happy and chilled out in the beaut sunshine!

The facilities there were great and I would 100% go back, as there was plenty to see and plenty to do – plus the zoo are making some changes the enclosures and I’d love to see what they do!

Francesca xo