V-dayyyy ❤️

So it’s February, meaning it’s valentines day soon 😱


Where is this year going? 

2019 just stooooop

Kidding, I’m loving 2019 and spreading the love this month. This is my first valentines in a long ass time with someone – but hey I’ve had some beaut galentines days too!

Near the top of Snowdon – March 2018

So below is a few cute ideas for time with your #bae or the squad 😘

  • Dinner – this is not just something you can do with your special someone, you can get all the group together too and head out for dinner! Hit the town, dress up and enjoy a valentines day meal together ORRR if you’re not feeling heading out, ordering in is such a good shout or even cooking together ❤️
  • Movie night – cuddling up is 100% top of my list whenever I see my other half, so what better excuse than a movie night with snacks watching a netflix film? That or getting the gals together and sticking Dirty Dancing on 💃(totally my guilty pleasure...)
  • Fun activity – this could be anything: bowling, top golf, mini-golf or even penny games at the arcade BUT it’s a super cute way to get out of the house and have some fun!
  • Take a class – this could be in anything! Cocktail making, cooking or even an art class – let the creative juices get flowing and see what happens – it’ll create great memories and you’ll learn a new skill too 🙌🏼
  • Treat yo’self 💆🏻‍♀️ with a facial, a massage, hot bath (maybe don’t share a tiny bath with a group of friends!), whatever floats your boat – treat yourself to a spa treatment at home and maybe a cheeky glass of vino whilst you’re at it 👀
With the gal pals ❤️

Whatever you have planned for valentines day/galentines day/or just hanging with your squad – share the love and have a great time 😘

Francesca xo