To my pops

Bless – my incredible pops has finally hit his mid-fifties ❤️

My pops will probably never see this post (mostly as he literally only got facebook yesterday and is fairly inept with the whole internet)

But I wanted to talk about him, especially as he’s a year older, bless him!

I’ve been incredibly lucky in the parent lottery – my pops is not genetically my pops – but he’s still my pops ❤️

He is my back-cracker, my advice giver and just a general great human being. In general, he’s always been there when I’ve needed him – no issues too big to help. He’s been there when I locked my keys in my car, when I needed to learn how to drive, when I needed to learn to put up a shelf and how to enjoy a nice rum 👀

He’s cooked me food when I was up late studying for my degree, he’s given me pep talks for interviews and has always been there when I need to de-load all the cr*p in my life!

He’s been part of my life since I was little and will always be there to have my back.

Now I know not everyone hit the jackpot with the parent lottery, or unfortunately don’t have their pops around for whatever they might need. To those out there – your pops might be someone who might not conventionally who you’d expect. Your mumma might fit the role, your uncle, your friend. But the comments and my email is always open for those that need it ❤️

However, to my pops – Happy Birthday and welcome to the internet – hope you don’t need too many tutorials on how to use or find things!

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Me and my Pops on graduation day!