We all have it – whether you go back to work on the 2nd January or managed to squeeze a few extra days off and like me you’re heading back on the 6th – the dread starts to fill you about going back to work and actually returning to normal life.

Now I won’t lie, my first week back at work is a little bit like ring of fire – I have a pretty busy week lined up, with 7am starts and 7pm finishes – so I’m trying to get ahead of the game and prep lunches and dinners for the week so I don’t feel too overwhelmed and I don’t stress out unnecessarily.

But something I want to start doing in 2020 is looking forward to new things – so next week may be tough, but I’m looking forward to getting in the pool and swimming. I’m looking forward to cosying up with a book in the evenings. I’m looking forward to a week going really quickly.

It’s appreciating the little things in life (right now I appreciate that I booked off 17th Jan to head to London for fun) but appreciating what I have got the time for.

Even though we all get those Sunday blues, thinking about going to work and everything else, it could be worse couldn’t it? I mean I know it’s January… but going to work makes me crave the weekend just that little bit more 😍

Are you ready to head back after the holiday break? Or could you do with another two weeks off??

Francesca xo