I write this after recently reading ‘The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck’ (book review post pendingggg) and after having possibly one of the more stressful weeks of my life that I’ve encountered so far – I have realised I took on NONE of the learnings of that book.

note to self – re-read the book, learn the lesson, start giving f*cks as and when needed…

However, I thought I’d get this down on paper, or more appropriately, typed on the internet for the world to see.

Pretty much everyone in their lifetime will deal with stress at somepoint in their life. It could be work, family, mental health, personal issues, whatever. But everyone on this planet we call home, will stress about something in their life.

The important thing here is how you deal with that stress, to ensure that you don’t make yourself sick – and that can be both mentally and physically. Stress can affect you in so many ways and most of the time, I reaaaaally let it get the better of me. To the point where my skin breaks out, my hair starts going grey and my heart starts getting palpitations – suuuper not healthy.

I won’t lie – I will never live a stress-free life or at least a life where I don’t let stress get to me. I’m a Type A personality, and a bottler of emotions. My other half knows this too well and luckily just tries to distract me most of the time. However, this stress session has caused me to shut myself off a little bit – at least from social media and blogging and all things I love to do 💔

But I’m getting better, and I swear to god just typing these words out makes me feel a little bit more like me.

But I just wanted to put it out there into the universe for you, lovely reader of mine, that stress is something that can be overcome. Stress is something that can be dealt with. Any mental health issue, big or small, if you ever want to talk – I’m here in the comments or even via email. I know sometimes how amazingly and wonderfully lighter the weight on your shoulders can get, once you’ve been given the opportunity to just release it all to someone who is willing to listen.

In the meantime, I’m going to slowly get back to the things that make me feel like me, get back to posting photos of things I love on insta and get a good book on the go with some ice cream – all about that self-care right?

Let me know your favourite things below for a self-care day – and if you just want somewhere to release those frustrations too ❤️