I don’t talk much about emotions. I’m the kind of person who pushes emotions down to the core of my being and chooses to deal with it in one big go around 6 months down the line.

However, this is not healthy in the slightest. It puts you in a dark and miserable place and it sucks majorly.

Unfortunately I’ve been suffering with stress lately. Stress with work, stress with life, stress with everything. My hair was turning grey, my skin was breaking out and I began suffering heart palpitations. I began breaking down from the inside out. I started crying for no reason, I didn’t want to do anything – life was not great.

This was 4 weeks ago. I’m not saying I’ve miraculously in 4 weeks I’ve got rid of all stresses but I tell you what, I feel a whole lot better. Mostly because I spoke to someone.

I literally called my other half, spoke at him down the phone for a good 30 minutes and felt like half the weight left my shoulders. A week later I had a good old cry and *bless him* he had a wet t-shirt from just giving me a cuddle and telling me it was gonna be okay.

I suppose the whole reason I’m putting this down in electronic format for the world to see, is that no matter what you see portrayed on social media – you don’t know what shit people are going through. You don’t know the stresses in life they are dealing with.

But that’s okay. You’re not supposed to know everyone’s business. But what it does mean is that no matter what, don’t add to people’s stresses. Don’t tear people down. Be the ray of sunshine on their cloudy day. Be the smile at the end of their day. We should be trying to make people’s lives easier.

So if you need a smile at the end of a day – comment below, I’m always here for a chat.

Francesca xo