For such a loooong time – I have never been able to stick to a good skincare/haircare/care routine. Honestly it’s only the past year I’ve really got into haircare properly – use conditioner every wash, add an oil after showering to help repair and now every week trying to do a double wash once a week.

My skincare is starting to slightly get into more of a routine – but it’s so hard to just not have the extra 5 minutes in bed and just grab a make-up wipe instead. But I’m trying to improve all that – so I dusted off my Clinique 3-step kit and got to work.

We’re almost in the middle of February (seriously nearly 2 months in?) and so far I haven’t touched the make-up wipes once. I’ve even incorporated a weekly face-mask. I can tell you now, my skin is loving it. It also helps I’ve been dosing up on water, aiming to hit 2 litres to a gallon a day.

Whilst routine and good habits take a while to stick in, it’s all about baby steps. I’ve put a habit tracker in place so I can see where I fall down and the reasons why – some days I just can’t hit everything, but we’re getting there.

I’ll also be testing out Mr Bright’s teeth whitening kit – be sure to check back on that post in 2 weeks 😮

However it’s so important to take breaks – I go to the gym pretty much everyday and sometimes it can make me feel rundown and overtired – I slept for 14 hours yesterday showing that as much as I love the gym I neeeeed to remember to take a break and make some more me-time 😱

What good habits are you trying to stick to this year? Let me know below!

Francesca xo