Oh my word – it’s so close to spring and I can FEEEEEL it. The UK had a tiny little heat wave in February, but we’re into March and I cannot bloody wait for this yeaaaar.

Sorry – I’m not winter fan and I so badly want the sunshine in my life.

There is a lot of things for me to look forward in Spring (not just the weather, I promise 👀) like not having to wear a million layers, friends birthdays, days outside – providing it doesn’t rain… and my own birthday.

Don’t get me wrong – I love layering it up and sticking on a cosy jumper – but I’m so ready for t-shirt weather and not having to wear the biiiiggest coat ever. See below for photo evidence (p.s. it was from F&F and I freaking love this coat)

Top of Arthur’s Seat, Edinburgh

In fact, I’m looking forward to warmer weather so I can start wearing my beaut new leather jacket… Whilst in Liverpool, I convinced my other half to drop me off at AllSaints (bad choice, shouldn’t have left me, spent dolla….)

Now I’ve been looking for a decent leather jacket for suuuuch a long time. I’ve gone through multiple faux leather jackets in my lifetime and wanted to invest in a product that would last for a lifetime (obviously with proper care) and I found a jacket that I was ready to make a lifelong commitment with.

In fact I’m wearing it whilst I type (because I’m following the stretching tips so that this baby will fit like a glove) but see below…

Now don’t get me wrong – AllSaints can be hella expensive (please see website link here) but I picked up this beauty from their outlet store for a coooool £150 – which is probably the same amount I’ve spent on faux leather jackets in my life… However – if you’re in love with the one pictured – please find it here (turns out it’s available at full price still in store…)

So let me know below – what pieces are you excited to wear in the warmer weather? Are you excited to stop with the gloves, coats and winter boots? Cos I can tell you I am 🎉

Francesca xo