It’s February and I’ve picked up a new challenge.

RED February (or run every day February) is the challenge to run a mile a day. A single mile, once a day.

I don’t think I’ve done any running since we did the whole run 5, donate 5 and nominate 5 in lockdown 2. So the thought of running outside, in the cold and dark was the least tempting thing in the whole world. All I could think of all day was ‘I can’t run a mile, it’s too cold outside, I haven’t done any real exercise since before lockdown 3‘ – but 5pm rolled around and I got in my kit and went out the door.

16 minutes and 1 mile later I was done. That’s all it was. 16 minutes of my day. I put so much pressure on such a small part of my day, but it turned out to be one of my favourite parts. It made me realise the importance of actually going out and getting fresh air – especially during this lockdown. I’ve spent so much time cooped up watching Grey’s Anatomy (not gonna complain – loving it and 10 seasons in!) – but it’s good to schedule some time to have a mental refresh and get outdoors.

I also want to make a bit more headway on my 21 challenges in 2021 (right now, it’s just a list on my phone and hasn’t changed very much or moved into motion!) and maybe pick up a book or 2 this month – rather than watching my books collect dust.

Although RED February is typically done in January – you can find more information here 😌

How are your new years resolutions going? Are you still sticking to them? Let me know below!

Francesca xo