March Favourites

I can’t believe it’s another month down. 2019 is well and truly flying by and it’s just insane. So as another month rolls by, here’s my favourites of this month…

  1. First off the bat is my new phone – the iPhone 8. I know what you’re thinking, isn’t the newest one the iPhone XS or something?? My old iPhone 6s died its untimely death this month and I decided to try something a little newer (mostly for the pics) but I’m thoroughly enjoying the new phone – especially the glass back which allows for wireless changing 😍 let’s just hope it improves my instagram game – which you can follow here

2. NINE NINE! So I have always been a firm lover of the characters Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago, now I’ve finally convinced my partner to start watching it, means I can binge watch to my hearts content 💙 What is also great, is that Brooklyn Nine Nine is also available on Netflix for me to watch allll day and allll night 😏

3. So I’m currently on a summer shredding hype (Christian Guzman‘s youtube got me on a hype whilst I was at the gym…) and so I’ve been trying to find something that still satisfies my sweet tooth whilst covering some basic nutrients. Hello Alpro Soya Caramel Desserts 😍 low in fat, plant proteins and super tasty – YES PLEAAAASE, I’ll take 10!

4. I’m so sad as I write this… My beautiful Lozza glasses have unfortunately cracked 😭 I’ve had these babies for 5 years. 5 YEARS MAN. And it’s bittersweet saying goodbye to them. They have been the most comfortable glasses ever and now I’m gonna have to hunt for a pair just as great – hopefully it’ll be a quick search.

5. If you know me, I am a firm lover of elephants. I honestly believe that they are the most incredible creatures ever in the entire world. So being a lover of elephants, it’s no surprise one of my favourite disney movies is Dumbo. So you better believe that when Primark announced a Dumbo collection, I was there in a heartbeat.. and I am in love. One piece which is a solid favourite of mine is the hot water bottle – which is not only adorable but also super useful for me 😍

So – that’s my favourites this month, why don’t you tell me yours? Comment down below things that you think are worth a try and the favourite things you had in March!