I don’t know what it is about a new year, but I love a fresh start. Every year I like to have a huuuuge declutter and sort out my life – update the admin, out with the old and just having everything fresh for a new year.

It’s only early doors into 2019 and I’ve already decluttered like a mad-woman, bought storage cubes from IKEA and maaay slightly be planning to declutter my other half’s stuff too (not that he is aware…)

However, this year I’m aiming for a more minimalist wardrobe (see my post on 19 things in 2019) which means cutting back on ‘fast fashion’ and replacing items if they cannot be repaired. I am usually a pretty savvy shopper (mostly because I am not a fan of shopping for clothes) – but I really want to implement this idea on my daily lifestyle as well. There a multitude of youtube videos out there (check out this one by Gabbie Hanna on a trash free day) showing how much actual stuff we go through without even thinking about it!

So, 2019. I’m coming for you and so is my tightly zipped purse 🤑

If you’ve got any tips or products that help you waste less – comment below. Would love to see how you do you!