February Favourites

It’s just become March – where has February gone? It’s flown by and I honestly don’t know if I closed my eyes through all of it or if it just never happened!

So lets see what made the top 5 for February Favourites 😊

  1. February has been a very health based month – I recently fell back in love with the gym which I’ll talk about in a sec…. So I’ve dusted off my Fitbit Charge 2 and it’s reminding me to get off my ass and get moving! But also keeping track of what I am doing and when I smash those daily goals 😊
  2. My new gym – recently convinced by my other half to join – has become a second home. David Lloyd has so much to offer compared to my old gym, with the ability for me to swim, play tennis and still do everything I love. Me and my partner are able to train together more frequently and I may have started going more regularly thanks to this!
  3. You on Netflix. Oh my god. Me and the other half absolutely binge watched this and cannot wait for season 2. If you need something that is an easy watch but also gripping – would totally recommend this for you (especially with the rainy weather that is coming…
  4. Tesco has done it again – unfortunately no link as F&F is not available online 💔 But I picked up a beautiful pinafore denim dress for a cheeky £18 (i thiiiiink?) and it is my new fave piece. It’s so easy to style and easy to layer up!
  5. Ok – so all the work at the gym, there’s got to be room for a treat right? Hello Halo Top 🤤 I’m a huge fan of the birthday cake flavour – but not only is it a naughty treat, it also has protein in it, making it a perfect after gym treat! It’s available in quite a few supermarkets and also soooo many flavours (and dairy free too!)

So those are the top five for February – let me know what are your favourite things in this month?