All things women

This week saw International Women’s Day – and there is no-one I’d rather celebrate than my beautiful mumma.

This day is of course a day to celebrate all the wonderful women in this world. Each and every one is incredible and has a purpose in the world. Each has lessons to teach and lessons to learn, stories to tell and time to listen.

My mumma has taught me some valuable lessons in life and each one has a purpose in life. She is an individual who is sassy but kind, gentle but strong, but most importantly my biggest role model.

I always want to celebrate my mumma, so with Mother’s Day coming up this month I thought I’d share some ways to spoil the lovely leading lady of your life.

  1. Cook her dinner – sounds so simple but think about all the times she has cooked you a meal in your life! You could even do a cooking class together and create a dish together whilst having fun.
  2. Help out around the house – still live at home? Perfect. Grab a duster and give the place a spring clean. I do this when my parents go on holiday, just so things are fresh and clean on their return.
  3. Flowers – you will never know how much someone would appreciate a fresh bunch of flowers until you gift them. They are such a beautiful gift and truly show you care.
  4. Treat her to a spa day – this could be as simple as face masks and running her a beaut bubble bath, or both of you making a day trip to the local spa for some TLC.
  5. Baking a cake – this is so underrated and also only seems to be for birthdays. My mumma is gluten-free and so she appreciates a cake for her needs more than anything.

Whatever you choose to do for the wonderful woman in your life, I hope you have fun. I’ll be delaying my celebration whilst my mumma is holidaying in India!

Francesca xo