365 days later πŸŽ‚

As if I’m now 24…


It’s totally insane. I remember my 23rd like it was yesterday and my friends singing Happy Birthday at midnight in Pitcher & Piano. But I’m a whole 365 days older and still none the wiser #millennial

But this year has been crazy – from 23 to 24, I’ve learnt a lot about myself and also a lot about who I want to be. But also I’ve learnt to subtly just plan my birthday plans with my other half – so carry on reading to hear about my crazy birthday weekend!

A lot of birthday plans occurred on the day and went into London to celebrate being 24! I visited Tiffanys (to replace a ring I lost on NYE!) and had such a great time. We popped on over to Swingers #competitivecouple, but had a great time before checking out the views at the Sky Garden. Now after all this fun, we finished the night at The Alchemist (it has now become tradition to have a birthday drink there, so we will continue to do this πŸ‘€) and stuck around for dinner too!

I really enjoyed my birthday this year, and I’ll be celebrating with friends too – cocktail making class and BBQ? Yes please!

Until then, I hope you have a beaut week and I’ll catch you next time.

Francesca xo