3/4 year check in…

Where has this year gone? HOW ARE WE 75% THROUGH THE YEAR!?!

At the start of the year, I set 19 goals. 19 goals for 2019. I thought as we’re 75% through the year, I’ll check in and see how I’m doing…

  • Run 5km in sub 45 minutes 
  • Go to a cocktail making class 🍹
  • Take part in a Tough Mudder (?)
  • See a pantomime
  • Go to Go Ape!
  • Take part in a cooking class 👩🏻‍🍳
  • Visit somewhere new!
  • Save £XXX for House Fund 
  • Squat 80kg (including bar)
  • Climb Snowdon
  • Go to the Harry Potter Studio Tour
  • Publish at least 26 blog posts in 2019 
  • Have a deep clear of my wardrobe / Create a capsule wardrobe
  • Read 5 non-fiction books
  • Bench Press 20kg 💪🏼
  • Go fruit picking!
  • See Jon Bellion live!
  • Do an elephant experience at the zoo (totes already eyeing up colchester zoo…)
  • Plan 12 date days/nights ❤️

So, 9 down and 10 to go. I’ve planned 9 date nights, so almost done that, have a voucher for a cooking class and may have tickets to see Jon Bellion in October 👀

It’s nice to do these check-ins – see what I’ve accomplished so far this year and what I still have left to go.

What goals have you set yourself this year? And how are you getting on with them? Let me know in the comments below!